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A brush stroke....born the son of an Atlanta builder/developer, Britton Bartlett has been walking construction sites as long as he can remember. He cut his teeth as a carpenter's helper during his teens. At 22, while pursuing an English degree, he joined the Navy and spent 8 years attached to the U. S. Naval Construction Force. Britton has managed construction projects world wide - including runways, aircraft hangers, and base facilities. He led public infrastructure projects & facilities for refugee relief in several Caribbean countries, during Joint Task Force 160 in the early 1990's. 

In 1999 Britton co-founded a family construction company which, enjoyed explosive success. After publishing numerous homes in national architectural and home magazines, Britton found his niche and left to form Canvas. It was a natural evolution. The desire to build high end, challenging projects, and the desire to be intimately involved in each led to the conviction that only a limited number of projects could be carefully managed at a time. Britton works with a limited number of architects, designers, & clients with a passion for place making.

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