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"Home is inside us - the place where we find everything that is true. We live now in the physical world, but our task is to walk in awareness of this inner place - to make manifest, in this world, evidence of another.  In the land of brick and mortar we should always strive and struggle toward the likeliness of our deepest understandings.

We should seek that place that helps us to remember, or at least not to forget so quickly, the fleeting glimpses of truth that comes to us from within. The vulnerable beauty of this world fades to reveal its invulnerable source.

I choose life, knowing it will perish.

I choose love, knowing that it may not last.

This is why I love stone and steel and wood and thatch. Together, they are a marriage of the permanent and the perishable. There is a tender realism in their choice."

Bobby McAlpine - Architect, Artist, Creator

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